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Web System Integration | DataHouse can feed product data into your eCommerce system. No bother.

Selling online has never been easier. DataHouse can update stock and pricing fed directly by the supplier. This helps to keep your customers up to date with product availability ad pricing, further enabling your business to focus on customer care instead of spending time on data entry.

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DataHouse & Your Experience

Already invested in another system? No worries - we understand that you may have spent a lot of time inputting products, pricing, stock etc into another system that you don't want to get rid of, but still want your products to be in DataHouse to benefit from the additional functionality it brings.

Thanks to DataHouse being built on a bespoke platform, our developers can create links to and from the majority of popular platforms both suppliers and retailers use on a daily basis. We can work with popular platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and more, meaning your data can go straight into DataHouse with no need to start from scratch.

DataHouse & Your Website

Our work is designed to help create a customer journey that brings customers through the entire sales process as simply and as efficiently as possible. From initial point of contact to final sale, your online and in store marketing can help shape the final sale in every imaginable way.

There’s lots of agencies out there, but we’re something different. We’re a marketing and retail partner, there to help not just launch a new website or sell a few more products, we help you shape your business for growth and achieve goals you never knew you had.

Get in touch today, view our work or read more about our services on our site. We’d love to help you realise your retail & supply dreams today, tomorrow and beyond.

DataHouse & Automation

With any integration, we can look at how to Continuously update and maintain a connection between DataHouse and your platform to ensure when you update a product in one place, it automatically updates in the other. DataHouse was designed to speed things up, and with this functionality we can help do just that for your business.

You can simply create a spreadsheet or a csv file to begin uploading products instantly into the system. Alternatively, we can create a data feed from your current system, meaning all of your existing data and prices can be pulled into DataHouse quickly and cleanly to help get you up and running faster.

Note: Some web integration features are not part of a standard DataHouse subscription and come with additional charges. For more information, contact us today.

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