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Data, Prices & Ordering. Welcome to our House.

Brought to you by the team behind The Online Furniture Show, DataHouse is a new platform that is the product of over 10 years of development on furniture & interiors focussed web systems.

For retailers, DataHouse is the home of your product catalogue. Pull product data direct from your suppliers, create a store catalogue and get instant price updates all in one place. You can put DataHouse directly onto your shop floor, using the DataHouse Presenter, to help show your customers every product instantly, with a live price to help speed up the sales process.

And for suppliers, DataHouse is the connection between you and your retailers. Save time and ensure everyone is working from your data. Receive orders from retailers directly through our system and minimise errors in order entry with orders coming to you using your SKUs every time. DataHouse is the perfect tool to help your sales agents show products to retailers quickly, with the system being the game-changing tool to keep your sales pitch clean and effective at every interaction.

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What DataHouse provides

For Retailers

1 A store-front display of all the products you have access to, helping customers see live prices and options faster.
2 A direct feed to your suppliers, with live data for always up-to-date product information.
3 The ultimate time saving solution for product and order data entry with the automation of a wide range of processes.

What DataHouse provides

For Suppliers

1 A product management system, with simple uploading and easy price list & customer management.
2 A powerful sales tool, helping get all of your products in front of retailers 365 days a year in an interactive format.
3 A platform to help you boost product sales via retailers that use our sales platform in their stores and online.

Setup is easy


Create an account and add your company details for us to verify

Request access to your suppliers on DataHouse to view and add their products to your DataHouse

Add products from each supplier into your system with a few clicks

Change product names and de-brand any ranges you want to protect your brand and prices

Start selling using the Sales Presenter, with orders going directly to your suppliers

Integrate with your website and accounting packages for full automation


Create an account and add your company details for us to verify

Add your products, complete with pricing and options using our easy to use product management area

OR sync your management system or website data for instant data entry!

Grant access to customers and select which ranges you want them to see

Integrate with your website and accounting software for full automation

Keeping Every Sale Connected

Using the game changing

Sales Presenter

All products in one customer facing area, pulled directly from your suppliers.

Create orders, expand your shop floor and never miss an opportunity to show new product again.

The Sales Presenter orders go direct to your suppliers, saving time on paperwork, helping to avoid human error and giving you more time to sell to customers.

The ultimate sales tool

Video Library

Getting the sales pitch consistent every time is hard, especially with a network of agents each with different resources to get the sale made.

With DataHouse, you can create a library of videos that your sales agents and retailers can view anytime, helping to keep your sales pitch consistent and hitting the mark more often with your customers.

Built by people who know Furniture

Peter Holdich

For over 20 years Peter has worked for some of the largest furniture retailers in the UK before switching to the trade side for 10 years with a well known importer of cabinet. He now owns ZigZag Systems which provide management and stock systems for a number of wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers

David Cobbe

David has worked in the furniture business for over 40 years as a Cabinetmaker, Distributor, MD and in later years, Agent.

A lifetime of experience within our furniture community and insight into the changes within our business.

Mike Ogle

Working with furniture retailers and suppliers for the past 7 years, Mike helps deliver marketing and website solutions to both sides of the trade.

He has worked with furniture suppliers and retailers across the UK of all shapes and sizes, delivering everything from sales to show stands.

Over 60 years of furniture focussed experience in one team
That's a team you can trust.

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