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Where our story begins!

The idea for DataHouse came about in 2018, when two of our Directors Peter and Mike were talking about how their companies in furniture data systems and marketing could really benefit from a more connected trade, compared to the one they found themselves working in.

"Every time I sat with a retailer, the same issue came up in the conversation." says Mike. "If a retailer was getting a new website from my company Chord Design, they would be terrified at the prospect of having to sit and do hour upon hour, day upon day and week upon week of data entry to fill their website with their product. More often than not, they would actually delay their projects simply because they didn't have the time or staff to sit and do the data entry needed to populate a website with their current product offering, never mind the extra products they could offer thanks to online space not being a premium".

Peter was also experiencing similar data entry worries with his customers at ZigZag Systems. "While ZigZag is a great system for simplifying data entry processes, a lot of our retail customers were keen to get started with ZigZag as soon as possible, but soon realised it would take a long time to simply gather the information we needed to populate their system and get them using it to it's full capacity."

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and Peter and Mike began discussions with David about creating an online show platform, in order to create a space where sales agents and suppliers could reach out to retailers after such a long time without being able to do so. The three created The Online Furniture Show, which saw great success in moving a big section of the trade online, utilising the latest online technologies and creating an immersive platform that helped show just what online could deliver for the furniture trade.

After hosting two successful shows, the natural progression from the project was to create DataHouse, using the essence of the show platform and adding the functionality first imagined by Peter and Mike a few years prior.

DataHouse was created from the need for faster and more connected product data in the Furniture Trade. The days of sending a range price list via email, with reference to a page in a brochure are a thing of the past. DataHouse is the new way of getting things done in furniture, keeping the trade connected and allowing more time for selling product for suppliers and retailers alike.

Meet the team

Peter Holdich

Operations Director

For over 23 years Peter has worked for some of the largest furniture retailers in the UK before switching to the trade side for 10 years with a well known importer of cabinet. He now owns ZigZag Systems which provide management and stock systems for a number of wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers

David Cobbe

Sales Director

David has worked in the furniture business for over 45 years as a Cabinetmaker, Distributor, MD and in later years, Agent.

A lifetime of experience within our furniture community and insight into the changes within our business.

Mike Ogle

Creative Director

Working with furniture retailers and suppliers for the past 8 years, Mike helps deliver marketing and website solutions to both sides of the trade.

He has worked with furniture suppliers and retailers across the UK of all shapes and sizes, delivering everything from sales to show stands.

Alex Newton

Business Development Manager

Alex has been with us since late 2021, coming with a great history of dealing with customers in a wide variety of trades. Now with his extensive knowledge of DataHouse and the furniture trade, he is your go-to-guy for anything DataHouse.

Jake Spry

Marketing & Graphic Design

Jake is our in house marketing and design guru, working to promote both DataHouse and our users to a broad range of audiences. Trained in design, Jake can help bring your ideas to digital life and helps promote our suppliers in a range of formats.


Office Morale Manager

Perhaps the most important staff member of them all, Gerald is our resident Corgi who keeps us all in good spirits here at DataHouse. He often appears on Zoom calls, helping to bring all the attention to him, just the way he likes it.

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