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Using the game changing

Sales Presenter

All products in one customer facing area, pulled directly from your suppliers.

Create orders, expand your shop floor and never miss an opportunity to show new product again.

The Sales Presenter orders go direct to your suppliers, saving time on paperwork, helping to avoid human error and giving you more time to sell to customers.

| Sales Presenter

Our amazing tool for everything day-to-day

The sales presenter is a go-to hub for your product, enabling all of your product data, pricing, imagery and more to come together in one well presented space to your customer.

For Suppliers

Using the sales presenter, you can easily show your product to a customer and assign their set pricelist from DataHouse so they can see live pricing as they browse your latest collections. With everything in one place, your sales pitch to customers will be effortlessly consistent, enabling you to give the perfect pitch every time. Use video, imagery and PDFs to create an immersive product experience for your customers.

For Retailers

The sales presenter is the perfect kiosk selling tool to expand your shop floor digitally.

With added security measures, such as passcode protection, you can confidently use the presenter on any tablet device in your store to show every product you want your customers to see, at the retail price set by you in the admin area.

As with the DNA of DataHouse, everything in your suppliers' DataHouse is usable by you in your Sales Presenter, with added features to keep your information secure from customers in store and online. You can debrand and change range names to suit your store's model, as well as pick an choose which products you want to appear in the sales presenter.

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